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Heath Consultants Incorporated has been in business for over 75 years serving the utility industry nationwide. In some parts of the country we perform Line Locating. Any time someone has a need to break ground, the underground utility lines must first be located. Our technicians are trained to locate these underground utilities, (such as telephone lines, cable T.V. lines, electric lines, natural gas lines, etc.) The lines are then marked with small flags, spray painted lines. or both. This ensures that everyone knows exactly what utility is underground and where it is located.

In other parts of the country we perform Natural Gas Leak Detection. Working in conjunction with local gas companies, our technicians are trained to detect natural gas leaks in the underground pipes. The technician walks above the gas lines; if there is a leak, our equipment will detect it. The location of the leak is documented and the gas company is notified. The gas company will then send someone out to repair the leak. In both Line Locating and Natural Gas Leak Detection, our technicians use equipment manufactured by Heath Consultants.

Our technician positions require continuous walking and working outdoors. The equipment used can weigh up to fifteen pounds. For Natural Gas Leak Detection, the technician may be required to use a plunger bar. This is a device weighing approximately twenty pounds, used to drive a small hole into the ground approximately two to three feet deep. The hole is created so a probe may be inserted into it to get a more accurate reading and confirm the leak.


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